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Sleek Hi-Velocity Gourmet Hoods

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Outfit your commercial style range with a Sleek Gourmet wall mounted hood.
This is a unique style of ventilation (only 12 5/8" front to rear) that can install beneath cabinets, using Exterior Blower ventilation.

Exterior Blowers for wall & roof remote applications

Shown Above: 36" Welded model over a 36" cooktop with 4 burners
and char broiler

Used with and Exterior Blower Only. Blowers Sold Separately
Sleek Custom Wolf Stainless Steel Range Hoods for Undercabinet UseThe Hi-Velocity Sleek Gourmet Hoods offer you commercial ventilation technology that has been in used in the food service industry for over 60 years. Combining versatility with durable heavy gauge stainless steel construction and unique styling.

Ideal for: Ranges, Cook Tops, BBQs, Ovens and more.

Great for multistory buildings, homes with cathedral style ceilings, or island applications where down draft is required.

* Information required for blower sizing: 1/8 " static pressure, 300 CFM per linear foot, supplier will need to know length of duct run, number of 45 and 90 degree elbows

Vent Requirements: Requires min of 10" diameter or two 3 1/4 x 14" rectangular cut-outs. Model shown above is on display at our Sausalito, California Showroom and Store. Contact us for assistance 1-877-386-7766

Shown Above: 36" Welded model over a 36" cooktop with 4 burners
and char broiler


  • Hood: Available in a brushed stainless #4 finish, 20 or 18 gauge, welded polish.
  • Filters: stainless, #4 finish - dishwasher safe.
  • No overhang of hood to cooking equipment required
  • Low profile: Typical Mounting Height: 10" Above cooking surface.
  • Baffle type filters are efficient as well as easy to clean & maintain and never loose their efficiency.
  • Venting: Top or Rear.
  • May be used with overhead cabinets.
  • The ABSV series hood uses a remote blower (not included) * (requires 300CFM per linear foot).
  • The ABSV series hood may be vented through cabinets, directly out the back through an exterior wall, or for down draft.
  • Low profile and shallow depth of hood allow for design of lighting or storage in the area above the hood.
  • Top of the hood may be used as a shelf.
Specifications & Prices: please call for pricing 1-877-386-7766

30" W x 12 5/8 D x 14 1/4 H
36" W x 12 5/8 D x 14 1/4 H
48" W x 12 5/8 D x 14 1/4 H
48" W x 18 1/2 D x 14 1/4 H
60" W x 12 5/8 D x 14 1/4 H
61" W x 12 5/8 D x 14 1/4 H

All with #4 brushed finish
Custom Sizes Available By Special Order
Please contact us to speak with a hood and range consultant if you have any questions or would like to place an order
1-877-386-7766 or 415-332-5840

These models have been discontinued by Wolf but are still available through Dvorson's (without emblem shown below).

Wolf Authentic Range and Hood Wolf Authentic Range and Hood




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