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Legend Ranges
From The Montague Company
Montague Legend Ranges

The Montague Legend Series HEAVY DUTY RANGES AND OVENS

Montague Legend Series Commercial Heavy Duty Series Ranges

FEATURES | Legend Range 36" Spec Sheet

  • Satin finish stainless steel front standard, sides optional
  • Satin finish stainless steel 4" (10.2cm) flue risers
  • All painted surfaces are electrolytic zinc coated for superior corrosion protection and long life.
  • 1 1/4;" (3.2cm) front manifold gas connection allows for customized batteries
  • Extra deep (42"/106.7cm) ranges available
  • Sleek, streamlined flue risers and high shelves
  • Time tested angle-iron construction throughout for the most demanding kitchens
  • Available with or without ovens, modular stands, cabinet bases, or as countertop units
  • Convection ovens for ranges and broilers
  • Hassle free! Designed for quick installation and easy clean up
  • Matching salamander and cheesemelters available
  • Also available are casters, channel bases, quick disconnects, restraining devices and special prison packages
  • "CE" approved models available for use in the U.K. and Ireland


  • You tell us what you want.
  • More usable cooking surface, 36" W x 31" D.
  • Optional 37" depth. Frytops - 28" deep.
  • Renowned counter-weighted door.
  • Front vented ovens with consistently reliable temperatures.
  • A must for those perfect meals! Satin finish stainless steel front, including 4" flue riser (standard)
  • Sleek, streamlined flue risers and high shelves.
  • Available in one-piece sections up to 9 feet long. Lift " on or off" .
  • Chinese Ranges are built to order.
  • Available with casters, channel bases, quick disconnects and restraining devices.
  • All painted surfaces have electrolytic zinc under-coating for corrosion protection and longer life.
  • Hassle Free!
  • Quick installation / Easy daily cleanup.
  • Underfired and Overfired Broilers available in many variations.
  • Convection Ovens for ranges and overfired broilers.
Legend Series Commercial


  • Choose from 24 standard configurations, all priced the same
  • One of the largest cooking surfaces in the industry
  • Heavy duty one piece cast iron grates
  • Open tops feature largest cast iron burners in the industry
  • Precision ground steel hot tops with heat conduction studs
  • Manual or thermostatic controlled steel frytop/griddle available with grooves
  • Ring and cover tops offer graduated heat from front to back
Legend Has It A choice of over 20 standard variations, plus custom designs.


  • Front vent design means consistent temperatures throughout for perfect baking results every time!
  • Standard ovens (40,000 BTUs/hr cast iron burner) are 26 5/8" wide by 28" deep by 15" high (67.6cm x 71.1cm x 38.1cm)
  • Convection ovens (45,000 BTUs/hr cast iron burner) are 26 5/8" wide by 22 1/4" deep by 15" high (67.6cm x 56.5cm x 38.1cm)
  • Interior is fully porcelain lined for easy cleaning
  • Heavy duty throttling type thermostat located in "cool zone" for years of accurate temperature control
  • Bright nickel coated racks and rack guides
  • Renowned counter-weighted door provides a tight seal without door springs or a gasket so strong that you can stand on it!

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