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Mel Dvorson, Founder
Here is our proud founder beside his '51 Olds Rocket 88.

Mel Dvorson

Mel established Dvorson's in 1953
Mel Veteran Pilot Mel's Children
Mel and Josh Dvorson Mel's wife Betty
Josh and Mel Dvorson Mel and Family
Mel Dvorson, Veteran
Mel Dvorson, founder of Dvorson's Food Service Equipment Incorporated
Mel Dvorson established Dvorson’s Food Service Equipment in 1953. His numerous drawings for restaurant and kitchen designs, along with his hand-printed equipment schedules, are wonderfully precise -- evidence of his passion for perfection with attention to detail. Both on and off the job, he is fondly remembered for his sharp intellect, astute political observations, and ever-present humor. We still have the sign from his desk that says, "We guarantee fast service -- no matter how long it takes." But at the drawing board, he knocked himself out to meet deadlines, and tackled every new assignment with vigorous dedication.

His life outside the business also brimmed with vitality. He was a devoted husband and father, a history buff, music lover, and an award-winning dancer. His favorite off-hours activity was officiating soccer games for municipal and international leagues (whose players included Pelé and George Best) as a professional referee for over four decades.

Mel and Josh Dvorson began working together in 1972. They logged well over a thousand full-time work weeks together since 1987 -- a fine run. In the 90's, when sweeping market changes required a shift in sales strategy, Mel was asked to consider "the big picture" -- to which he replied, "Why? I like the little picture." He is, in fact, the man depicted in the Dvorson's logo, with dishes flying from his arms all over the world. So as he does in many different ways, Mel Dvorson lives on in a little picture.

Mel was a resident of San Francisco since the 1920s. A graduate of Lowell High School and UC Berkeley, he served in the U.S. Army Air Corps in Kodiak, Alaska during World War II. He dedicated himself to Dvorson’s Food Service Equipment for 55 years and completed his last project, the design and furnishing of Temple Beth Sholom’s kitchen in San Francisco, in the summer of 2008.

On December 19th that same year, Mel passed away peacefully at the age of 89, surrounded by his loving family at home. His favorite toast, "A la familia", will always resonate with Josh, his loving wife Betty, daughters Alexa and Mimi, daughter-in-law Gina, son-in-law Nir, and granddaughters Geffan, Alia and Emily.