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Vent-A-Hood's patented Magic-Lung blowers

Vent-A-Hood's exclusive "MAGIC-LUNG" blower is the most powerful, efficient, quiet (3.5 sones), and fire-safe kitchen system you can install in your home.

The Unique "Magic Lung" Vent-A-Hood has built its success and reputation on the unique, patented "Magic Lung" centrifugal blower system. Through the years the system has been improved, but the original concept is central to the design and remains unequaled.

The "Magic Lung" blower system uses centrifugal blowers to maintain the most efficient, powerful, quiet and easy to clean system on the market today. How it Works Everyone has heard of a centrifuge from science class in school. The basic science is that a centrifuge separates one thing from another.

The "Magic Lung" is a constant speed centrifugal system that separates 100% of the grease from cooking vapors and removes the rest of the contaminants in the vapor: i.e., smoke, odor, heat, and gases from the home. There are no filters, it is a filtration system itself
1. Quiet Tests show the "Magic Lung" squirrel cage blower system is the quietest ventilation available. You will hear only the whisper sound of air movement. The SensaSource* uses an integrated two-speed blower switch and heat sensor (standard on halogen light models only, not available on fluorescent models). It allows you to turn the blower to half-speed for even quieter operation. The heat sensor automatically increases blower speed for fire safety and grease liquification.

2. Efficient The powerful, constant-speed "Magic Lung" blower maintains suitable air pressure to trap all cooking contaminants. Grease vapor is liquefied and heat-polluted air is removed. Tests show the "Magic Lung" is the most efficient kitchen ventilation available today.

3. Powerful Each "Magic Lung" centrifugal blower supplies 300 CFM of air movement; you can configure multiple blower units for 600, 900 or 1200 CFM or more as the cooking surface requires.

4. Fire Safe Centrifugal pressure created by the constant speed "Magic Lung" squirrel cage blower prevents entry of fire into the ducting. This prevents the fire from spreading. The "Magic Lung" is the only ventilation system with this feature on the market today.

5. Cleans Easily The "Magic Lung" blower housing snaps apart for easy cleaning in the dishwasher or with warm, soapy water. Then just snaps back in. No inefficient mesh filters to deal with. The Unique "Magic Lung" Blower.

"Magic-Lung" Centrifugal Exhaust Systems make Vent-A-Hood Range Hoods Quiet, Fire Safe, and Effective in removing 100% of grease vapor.
  • Quietly removes all odors and steam from your kitchen
  • Completely traps all cooking grease for easy removal
  • Snaps apart for easy cleaning
  • Only "Fire Safe" system designed for your home
  • Constant-speed fan gives you the quietest, most efficient kitchen ventilation available
  • Hand finished construction and quality control assure the best.
  • Over 50 years of experience ventilating America's kitchens.
  • Efficient, constant-level "Magic-Lung" blower speed maintains suitable pressure to liquefy grease vapor and gives maximum removal of heat-polluted air.
  • Ring guard collar allows space for ductwork to fir inside to prevent grease from collecting between top of unit and bottom of cabinets. Also contains automatic damper which prevents back draft.
  • Blower housing snaps apart with suitcase latches for easy cleaning.
  • Fire Safe. Centrifugal action of spinning squirrel cage powerfully separates grease from heated vapors, spinning the by products into reservoir. Pressure created by squirrel cage centrifugal exhauster prevents entry of fire into byproduct reservoir of ducting
  • Parabola design provides sealed housing where cooking byproducts gather. Engineered to provide best surface separation of grease from centrifugal action of spinning cage.
  • Shield guard for added safety balances vapor intake.

CFM Ratings

"Magic-Lung" blowers require a lower CFM rating than equipment using conventional mesh filtration "Magic-Lung" blowers are rated at exhaust CFM.
This means that "Magic-Lung" blowers are more efficient than any other type of air removal device. A 600 CFM "Magic-Lung" blower can handle up to a 40,000 BTU indoor barbeque.

300 CFM "Magic-Lung" = 450 exit CFM Conventional - at the hood.
Dual Blower Units 600 exit CFM "Magic-Lung" = 900 CFM Conventional - at the hood.

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