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Wenesco Commercial Industrial Crepe Makers
This product was discontinued (retired) in mid 2012. See our other high volume commercial grade crepe makers »

Crepe Maker Hot Plate, Electric
Electric Crepe Griddle Hot Plate (240 Volt)
Model # CR1040-CI
Price: Discontinued Item - No Longer Available
Crepe Hot PlateModel CR 1040 is ideal for fast-food restaurants and caterers. The appliance is composed of an 8" x 40" polished cast iron hot plate and a sliding carriage dispenser used for holding and evenly spreading the crepe batter the full length and width of the plate.  The batter is dispensed left to right in the shape of a long rectangle -- not a circle -- that is scored by the cook to create 3 or 4 actual size squarish crepes ready for filling. 
Demonstration Video

Included Carriage for Batter

This Electric Griddle with Cast-Iron plate makes it possible to prepare, cook, garnish, and serve fragrant sweet or savory crepes in a very short time (UP TO 120 CREPES PER HOUR!). The system is extremely easy to use and requires only the simplest and quickest maintenance. It is a new idea to fulfill your ice cream, sandwich, and traditional recipes. This model can cook up to four crepes at once.
Model # CR1040-CI dimensions (includes batter carriage)
Crepe Hot Plate Specifications
CR1040-CI Technical Specifications (Discontinued Model)

Power Supply

Plug 240V, 20 amperes

Power Consumption

240 volts,16.7 amperes


400F operating (520F max)

Element Power

4,000 watts


Digital display in C/F degrees

Hot plate

Polished cast iron

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Temperature Display on Crepe Griddle Hot Plate
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