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Iwatani Induction Ranges
Induction Ranges by Iwatani

The Amazing New Cooking Breakthrough
Flame free cooking with cool induction ranges.
induction range

New IWA-1800 Iwatani Table-Top Induction Stove - $539.00

Introducing the new, lower profile Iwatani induction stove. By incorporating a more compact frame to the unit, the metal casing is thinner and lighter. Along with the new low profile and streamlined design, a few physical adjustments have been added to optimize its operation and its ability to be placed in limited space counter-top areas.
All of the inner workings of the IWA-1800 are the same as our reliable US-9000 unit, giving you the consistent, powerful, and dependable performance that Iwatani Induction Stoves are known for.

DI-1800 Iwatani Drop-In Induction Stove - $839.00

Revolutionize your kitchen with the new DI-1800 Drop-In induction stove by Iwatani. With the DI-1800, maximize cooking effectiveness while simultaneously make your cooking atmosphere safer and cooler.
Cooking efficiency of the DI-1800 is twice that of ordinary gas powered stoves.
The cooking environment is much safer with the DI-1800 since there are no more burning hot surfaces that can accidentally touch. The cooking atmosphere is significantly cooler since erratic flames flaring over the edges of cooking pans and pots are eliminated. Furthermore, have less headache by saving in both physical and monetary expenses associated with installing gas inlets. And with the extra durable Schott-Ceran glass top, cleaning is easy since only the pan gets hot during cooking. The cleaning nightmares of melted or burnt scraps of food are a thing of the past

How It Works: The internal power supply generates a magnetic field through a coil located under the ceramic top of the range. When iron or magnetic stainless pans place in the magnetic field, eddy currents are induced in the cooking utensil and instant heat is generated due to resistance of the pan. Heating is instantaneous and easily regulated by output control buttons. Nearly all of the electrical energy is converted to heat in the pan. The 5000 series ranges feature advanced electronics that scan pan material and maintain a constant power output.

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