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Wolf Equipment Replacement Parts  
  Replacement Wolf Equipment Parts
Leg, 6" for Wolf Range Cooking Equipment (Vulcan), Challenger XL, V, VG, W, etc. View Shopping Cart Contents
Part Number: DVOR-1099
Category: Parts
Manufacturer: Wolf
Price: $158.61  
Leg for Wolf Range Cooking Equipment (Vulcan), Challenger XL, V, VG, W, etc.
6" height with plate mount
Fits Wolf models including: C24S, C36C, C36S, C60, C72, W24, W260, W36, W36F, W60, W60F
Fits Vulcan models including: E12FP, E12HT, E24L, E36L, E48L, E60L, EG160, EG24, EG260, EG36, EG60, EV12, EV24S, EV36S, EV60SS, G24S, G260, G260C, G260CC, G36, G36C, G36F, G36S, G36X, G48, G48F, G60, G60C, G60CC, G60F, G60FC, G60FCC, G60LC, G60X, G60XC, G60XCC, G72, HE12, HE36, HGB34, HGB34M, HGB50, HGB50M, HGB60, HGB60M, HGB71, HGB71M, MG12, V24, V260, V36, V36F, V60, V60F, VG24, VG260, VG36, VG60, LG300, LG400, LG500, 148L, 148LC, 160L, 160LC, 24 GRIDDLE, 24L, 24S, 260L, 260LC, 260LCC, 36 GRIDDLE, 36C, 36C-6B, 36L, 36LC, 36S, 36S-6B, 3GR45MF, 481L, 481LC, 48C, 48L, 48S, 48SS, 60, 60CS, 60L, 60LC, 60LCC, 60SC, 60SS, 72, 72CC, 72CS, 72SC, 72SS


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