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To Whet Knives With A Sharpening Steel

Hold the sharpening steel vertically over a non-slip base. The tip of the blade should point upward.

Move the blade from bolster to point at an angle of about 22 degrees with a slight pressure over the steel. Move the arm but not the wrist.

Hold the sharpening steel at arms length in front of you. The blade is drawn at an angle of approximately 22 degrees against the steel.

The sharpening is done perfectly when both sides of the blade from bolster to tip alternately glide over the full length of the steel.

If a knife is used constantly it will soon have a dull edge. A knife can only maintain perfect cutting qualities by the regular use of a sharpening steel.
The cutting quality of a knife is determined by the cutting angle of the blade. A minimum of pressure to cut is required when the angle is very small.
There are vegetable knives and meat knives for smooth cuts, which have an angle of 40-45 degrees, and boning knives with an angle of 55 degrees.
Such a boning knife has the necessary flexibility and the edge is not damaged while separating meat from the bone.
The cutting angle is obtained by grinding the blade on a whetstone. A fine burr is formed on the edge which makes the blade cut well. When the knife is used, this burr is worn off by the harness of the material being cut, and the contact of blade and cutting surface.
This is the moment when a sharpening steel is needed. With a few strokes , the sharpening steel restores the burr or if necessary raises a new one. It is not necessary to send the knife to the grinder. Therefore the"sharp" conclusion: Perfect cutting qualities of blades depend on the regular use of a sharpening steel. Practice makes perfect. Beginners should try slowly, without fear of injury, using strokes shown in the pictures above.
Important: The frequent use of a sharpening steel is the best and cheapest way to keep a knife sharp.

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