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Food Service Products From Vollrath

As seen in fine restaurants and institutions Worldwide
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Lincoln and Vollrath Minimum OrdersWe offer the entire Vollrath line of fine products:

Meat Grinders/Choppers

Vollrath makes heavy duty meat & poultry grinders and choppers. These units can also be used as sausage stuffers.
Vollrath countertop mixers Mixers  

Induction Cooking Systems

Vollrath induction products are changing the way people cook. Working with top chefs they have created a series that provides ultimate performance using the latest technologies. Join the ranks of professionals who actively use induction as the fastest, safest, most controlled means to prepare their menu masterpieces.

Buffet Induction Table

Vollrath combines elegant veneers and solid surface counters with cutting-edge Mirage induction drop-in warmers, for an elegant yet functional buffet table. Use with Vollrath's classic Intrigue induction chafers for the ultimate presentation.

Steam Table Pans (Food Pans)

Prep and Holding

      Flexible Pan Lids
      Gasketed Transport Cover

SuperPan II¨ stainless steam table pans can go from the freezer to the oven to the service line without repanning your food. Reduces food handling, minimizing the opportunity for cross-contamination, and eliminates waste too! The Reinforcer® corner, a Vollrath exclusive, withstands more impact than ordinary pans. Since corners won't bend, the pan sits flat in steam table wells - saving energy and improving the look and cleanliness of your buffet line.

Super Pan 3® Steam Table Pans

* Plastic pans are available in clear and black polycarbonate for low temperature applications, and amber and black ULTEM¨ resin for high temperatures. * Stainless steel and plastic are completely interchangeable and nestable, saving storage space. * One Size meets both U.S. and Gastronorm standards; no need for separate equipment. * Can go from freezer to oven to serving line. * Super Pan 3® system gives serving lines a consistent look.

Professional Cookware

Stock Pots

Bain Maries
Satin-finished 300 series Vollrath stainless steel bain maries and insets.

Carts - Stainless Steel


Insulated Food Carriers

Insulated Drink Servers

Kitchen Accessories

     Color Coded Cutting Boards
      Cutting Board Rack
      Natural Cutting Boards
      Multi-Pack Color Utility Tongs

Table Service


Chafers and Buffetware

     Odyssey™ Chafers
      Orion™ Chafers
      Windway™ Hollow Handle
      Windway™ Oval Ladle



Warewashing and Handling

     Cordial/Salt & Pepper Shaker
      Dish Rack



Countertop Warmers

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