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Norlake Refrigeration Meiko Dishwashing Machines

As seen in fine restaurants and institutions around the World
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Undercounter, Door-type, Pot-and-Pan, Rack Conveyors, & Flight-type conveyors
From undercounter models to flight-type conveyors, Meiko has a solution for your warewashing needs.

Undercounter models

Undercounter Dishwasher/Warewasher

Meiko's undercounter FV 40.2 is packed with advanced features. It combines state-of-the-art, labor-saving technology with outstanding performance - all in a space-saving package, and at a very attractive price.

The features of the Point 2 series set the FV 40.2 apart from the competition. Features like fully electronic controls, a built-in booster heater, pumped rinse and pumped drain. Our unique Auto-Safe design ensures correct wash and rinse water temperatures, regardless of the incoming water supply temperatures. Combined with a powered final rinse, this provides a constant-pressure, constant-temperature sanitizing rinse, eliminating the need for a sanitizing additive. And the Active Plus double filtration system eases your cleanup chores while saving detergent.

Available options for the FV 40.2 include:
Hassle-free, computer-controlled internal detergent and rinse additive dispensers
Leg extensions that ease loading and unloading by raising the working height
A cabinet base that raises the height even more, while giving you a convenient storage area for detergent and rinse additive containers

BoosterThere's no need to use a sanitizing additive with the FV 40.2. The  internal booster heater is regulated to guarantee a rinse temperature of at least 180°F, using high water temperature to sanitize your ware. The 180°F final rinse is ensured regardless of the incoming water temperature - even using a cold water supply.

FV 40.2
Enhanced Model
(Internal detergent and rinse additive dispensers included with this enhanced model

Special Price: $8,399.00 with Free Shipping!


The FV 40.2 is a full-purpose warewasher.
Asymmetrical, slotted concave wash arm nozzles ensure effective cleaning of even the toughest soiling.
And the Soft Start feature ensures that your fragile glassware stays safe.

Drain Tempering Kit (reduces drain water temp. below 140 deg.F)
Power Cord Kit
20" x 20" Peg Rack
20" x 20" Combo Rack

Meiko's exclusive Active Plus double filtration system removes food soil during the cycle, saves detergent and eases your cleanup chores.

This system uses the natural water flow of the fill and drain cycles to sift debris out of the wash water and into the drain system.

During the wash cycle, debris is trapped inside the filter, keeping the wash water clean and saving detergent. During the drain cycle, the water flow flushes the debris out of the filter and into the drain, making cleanup easy.

A dedicated rinse pump provides a powered final rinse. Temperature and pressure are constant, ensuring a crystal-clear rinse guaranteed to sanitize your ware.


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