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Bizerba Slicers at Dvorson's
Bizerba Automatic Slicer
Item Model Number:
GSP SBR H I-150 Slicer
with 1/2 HP
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In the GSP illuminated safety series with safe blade removal, operator protection is the top priority. The Bizerba premium class gravity feed slicer sets worldwide standards in terms of hygiene and safety. The machine impresses by its many variation options. A powerful slicer for manual operation

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  • Award winning design with illuminated slice thickness dial provides at-a-glance and visually clear information about the device modes:
  • 1) Green light: closed slice thickness, the blade is motionless and ready to be unplugged for cleaning.
  • 2) Red light: open slice thickness, the blade is in operation.
  • 3) Flashing Red light: open slice thickness, the blade is exposed. Our safety package avoids risks at every stage of the slicing process.


• Operator Safety: Front mounted on/off controls
• Blade speed: 319 RPM (rotations per minute)
• High Yield: Operating time, designed for permanent operation, 24 hours
• High Yield: Debris Deflector mounted on backside of blade is permanently mounted, included
• High Yield: Rear mounted, heavy-weighted lift arm, handle and remnant holder, included
• High Yield: Unique carriage-shifting design allows for the smallest end pieces, increased product yield
• High Yield: 11.4" wide product carriage for increased capacity
• High Yield: heavy-duty, 3 lb. blade knife cover
• High Yield: Precision machined pencil-point-grooves on gauge plate, blade cover and carriage to reduce friction, for better looking product
• Interlock: No-volt release
• Interlock: Shut off in slice thickness knob
• Interlock: Adjustable blade shut off settings: 15, 30, 45 seconds or off
• Interlock: Carriage and gauge plate lock during the cleaning and sanitizing process
• Interlock: Forced start with slice thickness knob below zero
• Operator Safety thumb guard wall for maximum protection
• Operator Safety: 360 degree blade enclosure, no exposed top gaps in permanent ring guard
• Operator Safety: Zero blade exposure during the cleaning process
• Operator Safety: Low profile carriage for easy loading of heavy product
• One-Year Warranty: On-site, labor and parts

Bizerba Automatic Slicer
Item Model Number: SE 12 D Slicer

Retired Model - No Longer Available (See Current Model Above)

Full-specification gravity-feed slicer.

The SE 12 D slicer, like its sister model, the VS 8 D, can be operated
manually or fully automatically. It is ideally suited to slicing bulky and
heavy items, such as mortadella, large hams, bread and hard vegetables.

Preselection of three different carriage strokes and variable carriage speed,
including for sensitive products.

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  • Modern anodized housing. All parts that come into contact with food are made of high-grade anodized aluminium.
  • Carriage with large surface area for product. Internal carriage guide. Guard plate with detachable remnant holder. Add-on sharpener.
  • First-class hollow ground blade retains its edge well. Hard chromium-plated. High slicing performance guaranteed and good slicing quality ensured by additional gripper.
  • Continuously variable slice thickness (0 - 24 mm). Blade diameter 330 mm.
  • Single or three-phase AC motor with special belt drive for blade, low noise and maintenance free.
  • Simple to clean thanks to easily detachable remnant holder, blade cover and tilting carriage in any position.
  • Safeguard for slice thickness setting below "0" with carriage swung up. Sealed on/off switch. 150 mm broad hand guard on back of carriage.
  • 155 lbs.
  • The slicer has been approved for safety and hygiene according to EC Machines Directive 89/392/EEC by an accredited test laboratory under registered design test No. 96058 and GS safety test No. 96057. The EC Declaration of Conformity contained in the operating manual verifies compliance with the regulations.

    Options: Cheese blade (Teflon coated) instead of standard blade


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